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Microsoft CSP Program

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We are here to offer you a holistic perspective of the Microsoft CSP Program and guide you on the journey to becoming a partner
Microsoft CSP Program
Microsoft CSP Program

An overview of the Microsoft CSP Program, highlighting how partners can offer solutions like Azure and Microsoft 365, tailored to client needs.

Best Practices
Best Practices

Guidelines on best practices within the CSP Program, including sales strategies, customer management, and cost optimization for partners.

Notes and Insights
Notes and Insights

Gain insights from our decade-long market experience and direct interactions with Microsoft, offering a unique perspective on the CSP Program's impact.


The latest updates and news from the CSP Program, covering new features, policy changes, and emerging opportunities

Key Topics We'll Explore Together: 


1. Microsoft CSP Program: A Comprehensive Guide for Potential Partners 


Introduction to the Microsoft CSP Program

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program stands as a robust platform for selling cloud solutions, enabling partners to offer Microsoft's products and services, including Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365. This program is pivotal for cloud strategies, aiding in augmenting existing offerings and meeting specific customer needs.

How the CSP Program Works

Partners have two paths to resell Microsoft products: directly, by fulfilling all requirements to purchase solutions directly from Microsoft, or indirectly, through a distributor. This flexible business model empowers partners to manage the entire customer lifecycle, enhancing relationships with resellers and customers by providing positive experiences at every stage.

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CSP Program Benefits for Businesses

Becoming a Microsoft CSP partner grants access to exclusive technical and business resources, including management tools, marketing and sales resources, and opportunities to co-create case studies with Microsoft. This elevates brand visibility and credibility, in addition to strengthening customer relationships.

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Requirements for Becoming a CSP Partner

To become a CSP partner, an active account in Microsoft's cloud AI partner program is required, along with the authority to sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization, and the ability to provide first-level cloud product support to customers.

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Cost Management and Optimization in CSP

Cost efficiency is a crucial pillar of the CSP program, focusing on tools and strategies to monitor and optimize resources, maximize performance, and fully leverage cloud infrastructure.

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Support and Resources Available for CSP Partners

The CSP program offers specialized technical support and marketing and sales resources to promote CSP solutions and expand market reach. It's noteworthy that partners are responsible for direct interaction with customers and for providing support.

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More than tech Specialist

Your Partners on Microsoft CSP Universe


2. Introduction to the Cloud Solution Provider Program

In the ever-changing digital environment, the demand for cloud-based services is skyrocketing. Microsoft has recognized this need and offers an unparalleled opportunity for partners of every size with its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

This program is an invitation for partners to enter the cloud market seamlessly, eliminating the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors or the need for a comprehensive customer relationship management system.



Completing Your CSP Application

Embarking on your CSP journey requires some preparation. Gather essential company information including your PartnerID, complete business address, banking details, and a work email for the employee who will manage the Partner Center.

This preparation simplifies the application process.

Steps for Application:

Enrolling in the CSP Program

As CSP partners, you're more than providers; you're trusted advisors for your customers. Supporting them through challenges and inquiries not only solidifies your relationship but also grants insights into their evolving needs, enabling you to suggest impactful solutions.

Indirect Reseller Enrollment:



Direct-Bill Partner Enrollment:



CSP Program Details

CSP Regional Markets and Currencies:

Your market is determined by your business location, which influences where you can sell CSP offers. Awareness of regional markets and compliance with local regulations are crucial for strategic expansion and operational smoothness.

Restrictions and Policies:

It's important to stay updated on Microsoft's policies, including the prohibition against reselling online services within the CSP to maintain fairness and transparency in transactions.

The Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA)

Signing the MPA is essential for all CSP program participants, outlining critical terms related to data privacy, security, and compliance. Regular verification of your PartnerID and adherence to the MPA are necessary to ensure ongoing eligibility and maintain your standing within the program.


Azure Cost Management for Microsoft CSPs


3. Leveraging Azure Cost Management for Optimal Cloud Efficiency

Azure Cost Management is pivotal for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) and their clientele, ensuring the meticulous management and optimization of cloud expenditures. Its significance is magnified for users with billing, subscription, or management privileges, offering a comprehensive toolkit designed for the fine-tuning of cloud costs.

Billing Models and Considerations

Free Services

Ideal for testing Azure services with no initial cost.


Offers flexibility with no minimum commitments.

Enterprise Agreement

Best for organizations looking for upfront payment options with reduced pricing.

Azure CSP

Suitable for those preferring a partner-managed relationship, offering bundled services and custom pricing. 

Comprehensive Cost Management:

Enhanced Financial Governance:

Impactful Features:

Granular Visibility:

Strategic Cost Optimization:

Operational Efficiency:

Why Azure Cost Management Matters:

Financial Control and Savings:

Strategic Decision-Making: 

Optimization and Best Practices:

Proactive Monitoring:

Resource Allocation:

Integration and Automation:

Strategic Planning for Cloud Efficiency:

Understanding Cloud Objectives:

Visibility into Spending:

Accountability Framework: 

Continual Improvement and Adaptation:

Iterative Optimization:

Strategic Resource Planning:

Enhancing Cloud Value with Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management is an indispensable resource for optimizing cloud investments. It provides the tools and insights necessary for Microsoft CSPs and their customers to achieve financial efficiency and operational effectiveness in their cloud endeavors.

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Unlock Customer Subscription


4. Mastering Microsoft CSP: A Guide to Unlocking Customer Subscription Success

This section provides a comprehensive look into managing Microsoft Customer Subscriptions, offering unique insights and practical strategies.

Our goal is to demystify the complexities of the CSP program, empowering partners to navigate with confidence. If you want to read the full blog post, we have it here: A Guide to Unlock Customer Subscription Success

The Foundation of Customer Management in CSP

Impact: Establishing a customer record in the Partner Center or using a platform such as CloudCockpit is a pivotal first step. It enables partners to offer Microsoft’s extensive catalog of Software as a Service (SaaS) products from independent software vendors (ISVs) in the commercial marketplace (Azure Marketplace).

Relevance: This step ensures that partners can deliver personalized solutions and find a way to maximize business opportunities. It's critical to note that some offers are limited to one subscription per customer, a detail verifiable on the Partner Center Price Lists page.

Only direct-bill partners or indirect providers are authorized to sell these subscriptions.

Steps for Creating Subscriptions

Exploring Offers with Unique Constraints

Customizing Subscriptions: Beyond the Basics

The strategic importance of selecting the right billing type and understanding the nuances of enterprise, small business, or trial categories, as well as navigating the constraints of unique offers, is fundamental.

Flexibility in Subscription Management: The New Commerce Experience (NCE) offers CSP partners flexibility in managing customer subscriptions, especially in adjusting license seats.

Key Partner Actions:

Increasing Licenses:

Decreasing Licenses:

Trial Subscriptions: 

Steps for Adjusting License Seats

Upgrading Subscriptions

New commerce also introduces the ability to seamlessly upgrade subscriptions, moving customers to higher-tier services:

Types of Upgrades: Both full and partial upgrades are supported.

Process: Initiate from the Partner Center or CloudCockpit, selecting the desired subscription, term, billing frequency, and license seats.

Note that upgrades are immediate and final.

Subscription Management with Coterminosity in New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Understanding Coterminosity:

This feature allows CSP partners to synchronize the end dates of new or renewed subscriptions with existing terms, enhancing management efficiency.

Benefits of Aligning End Dates:

How to Align End Dates:

In Partner Center or CloudCockpit: Specify the end date alignment during new subscription purchases or renewal settings.
Using Partner Center APIs: Utilize the Get Custom Term End Dates API to determine valid end dates for new subscriptions and adjust during renewal settings.
This approach not only simplifies the management of add-ons and renewals but also aligns with fiscal planning and offers a uniform billing cycle to partners, ensuring a seamless administrative experience.


Price List Preview and Change Frequency


Price List Preview and Change Frequency

Microsoft updates CSP price lists on the first day of every month, ensuring partners have the latest information across various services:

Strategic Insights for Pricing Management

Impact: Regular updates allow CSP partners to keep abreast of pricing changes, optimizing budget planning and customer billing.

Relevance: Keeping up-to-date is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage and ensuring transparency in customer interactions.

Practical Advice:

Pricing and Special Segments


Add-On Offer Types

Impact: Add-ons provide CSP partners opportunities to enhance their service offerings, thereby increasing value and customer satisfaction.

Relevance: Tailoring add-on recommendations to fit specific customer needs enhances service value and satisfaction.

Strategies: Ways to not lose your profit

Navigating Marketplace Pricing

Insights: The commercial marketplace offers a wealth of ISV solutions, with prices retrieved per market, necessitating a nuanced understanding of regional pricing strategies.

Daily Management: With data refreshed daily, it’s crucial for partners to regularly check for the most current pricing information to maintain competitive and accurate offerings.

Elevating Customer Engagement through Advanced Management

Advanced subscription management techniques enhance customer engagement, fostering trust and loyalty. Effective management of subscriptions—from suspension or cancellation to trial conversions and renewals—is crucial for customer retention and satisfaction.

Through careful price monitoring and strategic planning, CSP partners can effectively manage their offerings and foster stronger customer engagements.

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