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CloudCockpit: Your own identity

CloudCockpit is YOUR platform, customize the platform with your colors, and your communication. You can manage your clients, products, and services. You will also have access to a complete platform and resources to assist in managing and supporting your clients.

Set your business rules

Margin Rules: Configure your margins on the platform, whether by product or resellers. It is possible to have a standard configuration and be able to adapt its margins to a specific case. Remember, pricing strategy can be a game-changer and we are here to help to unlock your potential!

Business Rules: Configure other rules such as budget alerts, renewals, usage rate and others

Provisioning and Service Management

With access to the control panel, you can provision and manage Microsoft services for your clients. This includes purchasing licenses and subscriptions, as well as configuring and deploying these services in your clients' environments. Additionally, you will be able to monitor service usage and performance, provide technical support, and manage subscription renewals.

Why Cloudcockpit? Easy and Powerful solution.

Direct Partners
Direct Partners

Maximize your sales potential with our cutting-edge product, designed exclusively for Microsoft resellers. Boost your profits today

Indirect Resellers
Indirect Resellers

Unlock new revenue streams as an indirect seller with our innovative solution tailored for Microsoft resellers. Stay ahead of the competition.


Increase your market reach and efficiency with our game-changing product built for Microsoft indirect provider. Streamline operations and drive growth

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