New commerce experience in the Microsoft CSP Program

What does it mean to your business and how CloudCockpit can help
Microsoft NCE in CloudCockpit

The new Microsoft’s commerce experience (NCE) aims to simplify and streamline how customers buy from Microsoft and to offer them more options for tailoring these purchases to their business needs and goals.

It also makes the selling process, requirements, and capabilities much more consistent across the Microsoft product ecosystem. Simply put, it’s the present and future of how Microsoft sells cloud products and services, both directly and through partners.

Are you ready?

The new commerce experience has reached M365, D365, and Power Platform licensing in the CSP channel, and with it, a new set of functionalities and business rules are being introduced.

This will mean accelerating business growth, reducing licensing costs and enabling to address how customers prefer to purchase. The new structure also better insulates partners from the financial impact of customers who are less likely to commit to a long-term subscription or who might violate an annual-term subscription agreement.

Under the new commerce experience, you will be able to forecast revenue more accurately and mitigate the impacts of shorter subscription terms through premium pricing on the monthly-term option.

Benefits for your CSP business

The new commerce experience (NCE) for seat-based offers in CSP delivers a consistent, simplified, and flexible purchase experience for customers and partners, looking to take as much advantage as possible, read this article: Mastering Subscription Terms and Billing Frequency (NCE).

You will have the opportunity to build and deliver more managed services, expand your customer base, and help guide your customers through their transformational journey to the cloud:

Greater sales agility and customer commitment

  • Enforced cancellation policy;
  • Pricing benefits for annual term subscriptions that lock in pricing for the entire term;
  • Multi-year plans for D365 and M365;
  • Increased offer and subscription upgrade availability.

Operational efficiency and costs savings

  • Enhanced provisioning capabilities and subscription pause for dinning;
  • Improved subscription-management capabilities;
  • Automated subscription changes at renewal;
  • Easier price list and reconciliation file processing.

More choices for customers

  • Premium-priced monthly term subscription that allows cancellation or seat-count reduction as needed;
  • New windows 365 cloud PC (monthly term only, at annual term pricing);
  • Easier adoption of new products and add-ons available separately.

Streamlining the whole process with CloudCockpit

CloudCockpit is a SaaS solution to centrally monitor the CSP network of cloud products, allowing the management of customer information and control subscriptions. It’s always up to date with the CSP business by automating and enhancing the partner’s daily operations and the new commerce will be no different.

You can count on CloudCockpit to smoothly prepare the transition and start selling according to this new model in two ways:

1. Technical

There will be new business rules for transacting products and CloudCockpit will accommodate them in the platform. Supporting and integrating all the changes in a simple and intuitive way. Including uploading the new set of products and migrating the old ones. We have been working closely with Microsoft to ensure that CloudCockpit is completely compliant with the new commerce experience.

2. Relational

We are also helping CSPs in terms of business transformation, with best practices, how-tos, tips and tricks for an effortless adoption. Consulting sessions, tailored meetings to understand specific challenges and maturity, knowledge sharing, clarification of any doubts, one-to-one appointments are some examples of how we can add value and accelerate your journey.

By creating a more unified cloud environment, the new commerce experience opens a wealth of possibilities for creating new customer-centric solutions. And with CloudCockpit platform and our customized support, it will certainly be a hassle-free shift :-)

Not using CloudCockpit yet? Time to request a demo to move forward and enter this new era in the best way possible.