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Repurposing the Business
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At CREATE IT , we are frequently called in to help dealing with hardships and constant challenges in IT distribution that both you – distributors- and the partners have to navigate in order to maintain, nurture and acquire opportunities and grow.

Its no easy task to stay relevant and on top of mind of your customer’s database in an era of absolute free access of Information and such professional and personal social media exposure. One can now communicate directly and openly with several potential customers and clearly state their mission and Value proposal, which is an absolute win for the commercial and marketing teams, where in the past, customer visibility was a more tortuous process and highly dependent on personal and close 1:1 networks.

Such easy access to broadcasting your strengths and expertise comes with at least 1 major cost: everyone can see it, including your competition. Every strategy and sales-play are now fully disclosed and every plan that took your team months of energy to develop, is now in the position of being simply copied: Series of new-product webinar? Free product trial or personal need evaluation? 10% -off campaign? Anything can be replicated!

The most recent tendencies show a clear acceleration in the democratization of Cloud-based technologies and solutions, exponentially reaching more and more portfolios of products and needs, ranging from Modern Workplace, Productivity, Cyber-Security, Networking, Digital Transformation, Business Management, and so on. This is both an opportunity has it can be a real potential for concern: thinner margins, more players in the arena; more standardized offer between solutions; and in the end, a less larger window of opportunity to deliver a differentiated customer care and Business Value Proposition. As the markets goes founder of the New Technologies and awareness, the more your teams as to do to stay relevant. One cannot keep inventing the wheel in IT. This is our main point in this article: how can your organization repurpose and reinvent their value proposition in order to deliver a more comprehensive and clear service to both your client hand his own customers?

Our proposal for that is elegant and minimal: self-service model. Despite the relative ease of managing MPNID’s, cloud licenses, troubleshooting, assistance tickets and day-to-day Cloud Product operations’, that all amounts quite rapidly; and starts to deteriorate and erode your customer experience with your service.

Recent IDC/Microsoft’s Partner Choice for Cloud Success found that in for the present 2020, “70% of cloud vendor revenue will be mediated by channel partners and brokers”. It is your reality: your organization is the touchpoint between the manufacturer and the reseller; and the business proposition should be geared towards a better customer service.

With this in mind; what can you exactly do to improve on customer experience in an area that is so highly controlled? Automation, control, and ownership. Your team should have at disposal a strategy that empowers and enables the client to manage their cloud business, to have visibility of troubleshooting, to be autonomous in dealing with key bottlenecks and get automated guidance when he cannot.

The Cloud model can have better profitability for both you and the client, when the stress points and time-consuming daily issues can be easily resolved with AI tools, insightful dashboards, and more predictive analytics. Just picture a self—service model where:


  • a fully customizable dashboard with KPI’s for the month, quarter, semester, and year is present at all times, easily accessible everywhere.
  • your team can have accounts assigned, & Vision of new business acquisition,
  • Easy share of latest deals. manage the reseller’s licenses and troubleshoot.
  • Integrated Reseller and Customer view, regardless of which cloud is being sold/purchased.
  • Resellers and Customers can autonomously manage their subscriptions on any cloud provider available, reducing drastically your operation team’s time.
  • More time to grow the client database with creative commercial activities, rather them micromanaging every client.


“After evaluating several market solutions for running our Cloud business, CloudCockpit proved to be the one that best meets our requirements and reality. Among the factors that justified this choice, besides the product features, I highlight two: customer focus and trust. The first for the way feedback is heard and considered for continuous product improvement and evolution. The second for the team' skills and dedication to ensuring that the product is used to the best of its ability and that it delivers effective results in terms of efficiency, simplicity, and speed in supporting Claranet's Cloud business management and growth.”

Rodrigo Queiroz Machado,

Managed Licensing Solutions Director, Claranet


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