Mastering Subscription States

Effective Communication with Your Customers

This article aims to shed light on the various subscription states and emphasizes the importance of effective communication with customers.

While the definitions of subscription states may seem straightforward at first glance, it is the intricate interplay of workflows and the underlying reasons why a subscription assumes a specific state that frequently perplexes clients. Lack of awareness about these states and their associated consequences can result in client frustration unnecessary support requests, and even loss of trust.


Subscription State Flow


This diagram serves as a handy visual guide, providing key information and illustrating the transition of a subscription between different states.


Subscription States

All subscriptions are in one of five states: Active, Expired, Suspended, Disabled, or Deleted. Note, however, that there are two types of Disabled state — Disabled and Suspended-Disabled, as explained in the following sections.

  1. Active state: The subscription is currently active and accessible to users and administrators. Partners are billed according to their chosen frequency.
  2. Expired state: The subscription has reached its end date and moves into the Expired state. It lasts for 30 days, during which users and administrators can still access files and services. Partners are not billed during this state. Additional note, it is not possible to move a subscription from the Expired state back to the Active state, the partner must order the required licenses as a new purchase.
  3. Disabled state: A subscription in the Expired state automatically moves to the Disabled state after 30 days. In this state, users cannot access files and services, but administrators can access data. Partners are not billed during this state.
  4. Deleted state: The subscription enters the Deleted state either by automatically transitioning from the Disabled state after 90 days or if a partner cancels the subscription. All customer data is permanently deleted. Partners are not billed during this state.
  5. Suspended state: The purpose of the Suspend function is to help in dunning scenarios since users cannot access files and services, although administrators can access data. You are active whenever you want. Partners continue to be billed.

If a subscription is still in a Suspended state at the end of its term, it enters the Suspended- Disabled state for 30 days. Users cannot access files and services, but administrators can access data. Partners are not billed during this state. After 30 days in the Suspended-Disabled state, the subscription moves to the regular Disabled state and then to the Deleted state after 90 days.

CloudCockpit serves as a valuable tool for subscription management, enabling you to proactively stay informed about renewals and effortlessly monitor and control subscription states. By leveraging these features, you can optimize your subscription management process and maintain a well-organized and efficient subscription ecosystem.


Power-Packed Subscription Management with CloudCockpit

  1. Streamlined Subscription State Checking (Two clicks away): Using CloudCockpit, you can check subscription states in just two clicks. By accessing the Reporting section of CloudCockpit, you can select the subscription tab and apply filters based on the desired state. The information will be shown in a comprehensive table, including details such as the associated reseller, customer, offer name, quantity, and more. We provide the flexibility to extract this data into Excel or CSV files, allowing you to conveniently manipulate and analyze the information locally.
  2. Effortless Access to Key Subscription Information: In your customer area, you are able to filter subscriptions by the current state and access important information such as start dates, end dates, offer ID, quantity and take an action.
  3. Stay Ahead with Renewal Notifications: Receive timely notifications 30-60 days prior to renewal. These timely reminders enable you to take proactive actions, ensuring smooth transitions and preventing any unwanted subscription state changes.



By integrating CloudCockpit into your subscription management process, you can streamline operations, keep abreast of renewals, and maintain a well-organized ecosystem.