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Driving your business operations

Empower and optimize your business operations to achieve peak efficiency and drive unparalleled success.

Efficiently manage multiple clients within one platform, ensuring security and personalized experiences.

Brand customization

Tailor the interface to reflect your brand, reinforcing your unique identity.

Self-service portals

Empower customers with personalized portals for subscription management and support.

Subscription management

Easily handle provisioning, billing, upgrades, and cancellations from a centralized platform.

Custom offers

Create personalized packages, discounts, and promotions to attract and satisfy customers.

Reseller management

Onboard, track, and support resellers to expand your reach in the market.

Customer management

Streamline processes, track interactions, and provide personalized support.

Manage licenses

Simplify license management, ensure compliance, and optimize resource allocation.

Manage end users

Efficiently handle user accounts, assign roles, and ensure secure access to resources.


Streamline accounting processes with accurate invoice and payment comparisons, reducing errors and increasing efficiency in financial management.
Reconciliation information

Automate invoice and payment comparisons, ensuring accuracy and streamlining accounting processes.

Price margins

Analyze and manage price margins per product to optimize profitability and reflect your pricing strategies.

Business intelligence

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with specific analytics, empowering your business with actionable intelligence.
Financial reporting

Monitor spending, analyze trends, and manage risk effectively.

Azure reporting

Monitor usage, analyze costs, and optimize your Azure resources effectively.

Subscriptions and license analytics

Extract insights into subscription and license data for informed decision-making.

Expiring subscriptions

Track and manage expiring subscriptions efficiently to ensure seamless renewals.


Seamlessly connect and integrate your systems with our robust integration capabilities, enhancing efficiency and data flow across your organization.
API Access

Integrate and extend capabilities, automate processes, and build custom workflows seamlessly.

Full sync with Microsoft

Achieve seamless synchronization with Microsoft systems for accurate and up-to-date data integration.

More than tech Features

Empowering you with information for smarter business decisions