November 2023

Microsoft Update for Microsoft Partners

Microsoft CloudCockpit november updates

Welcome to our news! 

Have you ever wondered what it is Microsoft has been doing lately? If so, you're in the right place. We've carefully selected Microsoft's most significant updates over the last month, making sure you're always up to date. 

As Microsoft eventually makes changes that directly impact your business, understanding the latest releases can give you a competitive edge. 

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NCE Price List Preview Error: Triennial Microsoft 365 & Office 365 SKUs 

  • Important Dates: November 30, 2023 
  • Impacted Audience: Cloud Solution Provider partners (indirect providers and direct bill) globally 

An error in the Microsoft price list will show Triennial Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, and Office 365 E3 SKUs in the December 1, 2024, preview. These SKUs won't be available for transaction and will be removed in the January 1, 2024, price list. 

Enhancements in Solutions Partner Designations and Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program 

  • Important Dates: November 16, 2023 
  • Impacted Audience: Partners in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program 

Solutions Partner for Training Services Dashboard: From November 16, 2023, a new dashboard in Partner Center will be available, allowing partners to assess their performance for the Solutions Partner for Training Services designation. 

Important actions partners need to take to secure the partner ecosystem 

  • Important Dates: November 20, 2023 
  • Impacted Audience: Cloud Solution Provider Partners 
  1. Microsoft Entra Conditional Access Policies: Auto-rollout starting November 6, 2023, requiring multifactor authentication. 
  2. Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP): Completion of DAP to GDAP transition; partners must validate and manage GDAP relationships. 
  3. Compliance Admin Role: New role in Partner Center to manage compliance obligations. 
  4. Partner Center Security Score: A feature to assess and improve security posture. 
  5. Reactivating Azure Subscriptions: Enhanced control for partners over Azure subscriptions. 
  6. Reducing Azure Quota: Self-serve capability for quota management. 

Microsoft 365 and Copilot Program for App and Plugin Publishing 

  • Important Date: November 16, 2023 
  • Impacted Audience: All partners 

ISVs can now submit Copilot plugins and Graph connectors for Teams, Outlook, etc., to Partner Center. These apps will be available in the Microsoft 365 admin center and app stores across Microsoft platforms. 

Update to Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) 

  • Important Date: May 1, 2024 
  • Impacted Audience: Partners with an active Microsoft Partner Agreement 

The MPA is updated to enhance privacy, security, compliance, and transparency. The new terms apply automatically from May 1, 2024, without any action required by partners. 

New NCE Billing Overview Page Lauch  

  • Important Date: November 1, 2023 
  • Impacted Audience: All global partners transacting with new commerce products 

The new Billing overview page, currently in Beta, will be generally available soon. It offers a comprehensive view of invoices, billing reconciliation files, and allows partners to submit withholding tax receipts. 


These updates are crucial for Microsoft CSP subscribers and partners to stay informed and make necessary adjustments to their subscriptions and programs. 

So, as you reflect on these updates, consider the following: How can you take advantage of Microsoft's latest innovations to boost your business? If you're not sure, don't worry. Delve into our blog, contact us for information and, together, let's shape a way forward.