Managing Teams and Maximizing Productivity

Understanding the Challenges of Modern IT Distribution
more productivity with CloudCockpit

The IT industry is on the top-tier of sectors driving innovative and modern solutions to the ideal workplace and for the company model of the future that most of us aspire to work on: flexible remote work and schedule; interactive and differentiated ways to meet & greet with our customer base ( webinar, conf calls, team building events; year brand events, etc.), incentives based on performance, better and comprehensible tools to fulfill our tasks; a distinctive & informed leadership and am evaluation based on both soft and hard skills and competence.

But, it also suffers from the same constraints as some other sectors; namely a HR cap and limited teams; mandatory multitasking and capacity to wear different hats; an always “on” availability for our tendentially greater pool of customers, partners and affiliates; and more importantly , an ever increasing necessity of learning, expanding, addressing and improving on a multitude of technical topics and solutions. We have a clear understanding of the difficulties in managing a limited sales & assistance teams, many times common to several products and business units; with real budget restraints and lack of comprehensive tools to manage accounts and help the customer in their daily operations.

The modern IT distributor or reseller faces constant stress by needing to update their offer/ Value proposition to the potential partner/client; including ways of maximizing their appeal facing the other distributors , such as running interesting and diverse webinars; promote new technologies, content and information on social & digital marketing, attending events, promoting conf calls to help partners augment their quotas and so on.

Your teams and workforce live daily on the edge of creating innovative solutions with very limited human resources. Additional challenges arise for the Management/Business unit Managers: managing the people. Be able to lead, to capacitate, to retain talent, to push for key objectives and help the teams feel motivated and connected to the mission.


At CREATE IT we have direct contact with this reality, and are often on the frontline of helping IT resellers and distributors surpassing this issues; and help focusing their operational teams on expanding and caring for the business outcomes for the future , instead of always attending the day-to-day issues and helping current clients with tasks that can be streamlined- automated even – and reduced. How?

Our CloudCockpit solution is by design the leading platform for CSP and Cloud resellers and distributors ; and as such , it includes fully customizable and automated dashboards to permit the clients direct access and visibility of their own status and licenses; allowing the Sales Channels and the Resellers to be autonomous in managing their customers and subscriptions, without permanent need to call in and ask for help.


It is essential to be able to allocate your team’s creativity into more productive task that help to differentiate your organization in the long run and help you solidify a strategy and a vision for your business. By including a very substantial IA supported & automated capacity in your organization, the team will be able to have more time available to improve the business, to generate more leads, to help partners expanding their quotas by having more comprehension of the products and services they sell; empowered by you!

We add that a tool that is able to measure and output clear insights is a plus in allowing the team to have visibility of their action into the business, and thus be able to be better evaluated and compensated for their efforts. Its way of stop guessing and starting measuring. Discover and drive better ways to impact business and to boost your team’s contribution to it.


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