Growing your CSP business: The Self-Service & Automation Model

In a digital driven market; the multiple demands for CSP, partners and resellers are huge: the offers tend to keep growing and getting more complex; the customer is gaining a lot more awareness and expertise, and the repetitive tasks are always there.

The modern IT distributor, CSP or reseller faces constant stress by needing to update their offer/ Value proposition to the potential partner/client; including ways of maximizing their appeal facing the other distributors, such as running interesting and diverse webinars; promote new technologies, content and information on social & digital marketing, attending events, promoting conf calls to help partners augment their quotas and so on.

Your teams and workforce live daily on the edge of creating innovative solutions with very limited human resources. Additional challenges arise for the Management/Business unit Managers: managing the people. Be able to lead, to capacitate, to retain talent, to push for key objectives and help the teams feel motivated and connected to the mission. By reducing the amount of repetitive, manual and boring tasks you might find yourself with a more satisfied and Motivated Team; and a Customer better served. That is a win if you ask us!

Automate and Self-Serve: What?

By allowing your customer to manage, provision, and buy cloud products directly; including downgrading and upgrading their Licensing, your Team’s focus changes significantly to more of a observational one; helping you streamline workflows as well as provide your internal team with the information and tools they require to sell, quote, bill, audit services, and procure. Your teams will be enabled to access an infrastructure that is customizable and enables you to respond to specific business and customer scale needs right away. By doing this, you can focus on growing your business, rather than on the maintenance and management of these tasks.

But Why?

Client catering speed is the main benefit of automation and self-serving models. Enabling a quick Go-To-Market strategy with the right offer is critical in distinguish yourself from the competition. As a CSP, this will make a difference. Having the tools and processes to reduce manual tasks related to managing and provisioning will free both time, energy and costs for your Team to deploy different Services, packages, offers, training, presence, webinars, and so on.

… and exactly How?

By having both the tools and the company culture & workflow, of course. CloudCockpit delivers the centrality and easiness of a customizable cloud-based dashboard that enables you to remotely forecast, plan and decide where your Business will be going; and enabling your Team to relax on the running rate tasks that will start being self-served by the client, and starting engineering new offers, proposals, services and Value!