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Growth Margins and Catering to New Clients
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The current sharp surge in Cloud-solutions worldwide clearly showed the extent of untapped market and potential for New Business acquisition in this segment. According to Gartner’s latest review; the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions and lineup is expected to reach 1,2 billion dollars by the end of the year; amounting to a total growth of 95%.

The CSP market reflects this; and may have received the single biggest stimulus for more than a decade. Microsoft’s Cloud Ecosystem registered a 15% growth in Productivity and Business Processes ( Teams, O365; Modern Workplace & Dynamics 365 both CRM & ERP) and another 13% on Intelligent Cloud (Enterprise & Azure).

Every indicator and analysis points that this development will be staying for the upcoming times. As such a great opportunity as this is per se, at CREATE IT, we ‘ve also experienced the operational cost of such a great increase in demand.

Most certainly, your team has dealt with this impact in the form of several pleads of support from your partner and client networks due to increase workloads; as well as new business opportunities that had to be met.

In our past article “It’s all about the customer”, we shared some key insights and strategies on how we could help alleviate and improve on managing processes precisely such as this ones: surge in clients, day-to-day tickets of support; automation of repetitive tasks and enabling the client to self-fulfill a great percentage of their issues, leveraging time for your team to focus on Client retention and care.

Our recent experience trough clients and partners in managing the Cloud business and services, found that while the business quotas and objectives were profoundly and positively affected, managing the teams’ efforts, capabilities, retention and motivation amidst personal social and economical crisis, was indeed a difficult tasks to accomplish.

On top of that, most internal workflows, processes, and technical solutions did not live up to the increased demand; clearly exposing the limitations of human teams to attend and cater to such high number of requests and workloads.

Several IT companies, partners and distributors were not ready , both Humanly and technically to support such a great turnover on demand: calls on top of calls, absence of centralized and streamlined business processes, lack of automated resolution of simple but yet recurring tasks; augmented need for simple fixes that the client could not deal with himself and shifted your resources from creative and client-focused work to operational “fire-extinguisher” roles.

In the presence of a revolution in Cloud solutions demands by the Market, both IT distributors, partners and players should be enabled to focus on attending to business needs, to better service design and to deliver improved solution adoption. Otherwise, with the exponential amount of work, there is a risk for net margins to go thinner ; your human resources to lack even more time, accumulate stress and underperform on key processes, and also for you to losing sight on where the Business in going, long term, and have to focus on the day to day. Constantly.

We believe there is a better way. By centralizing, integrating and automatize a very decent proportion of this amount of work, you can regain the focus of your team and control of the Business. Meet CloudCockpit: the complete centralized hub for Cloud Solutions’s vendors. By having the capability of managing both several brands of products and the multitude of clients that each one comes with, you shift your energy from tasks to objectives.

It is fully optimizable to your brand, and is designed to serve as the main portal to manage all of your Cloud Business, also enabling your clients and partners to have visibility, control and access to their own accounts, troubleshooting features, license overview, due-dates, sales, revenue and other essential KPI’s for your and their business.

All the same time. Both your team and your client have the same tool, establishing common ground and greatly facilitating the communication and enhancing a self-fulfilling business model.

By leveraging this, you regain control of your team’s time to focus on building a prospective business strategy, looking in the long run and enabling to build the future. It reduces the need of managing the day-to-day; and instead, gives you the real control of aiming forward:

  • managing and overseeing sales for the next quarters;
  • input business creativity activities that lead to better margins;
  • manage business expansion and quota acquisition
  • outline sub-segments to grow in
  • schedule partner formation and product activation according to real sales projections
  • specialize and differentiate your best partners and nurture them in new and challenging line-ups
  • Manage customers, subscriptions, users, user licenses and user permissions. Assign types to customers and filter the available offers for each customer

“CloudCockpit has assumed a decisive role in the growth of our CSP Business. More importantly, it allowed our stakeholders to start demystifying some of the fears around the development of cloud-based solutions and take the main stage in the process of digital and social transformation.
Establishing itself as a
simple and intuitive facilitator for Business processes, CloudCockpit enhanced the knowledge sharing inside JP.DI team and throughout the partner network allowing them to give a huge leap in their own Business model, based on value generation.
In addition to that, we are pleased to find that the CloudCockpit Team pays close attention to user feedback which translates to
frequent releases as it adapts to new business needs and provides solutions that allow the business to scale up with agility and flexibility. ”

Ricardo Ferreira,

Managing Director, JP.DI

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