Azure savings plan for compute

Azure Savings Plan is a cost-effective pricing model for Azure compute services, allowing customers to save money on their Azure usage costs. With Azure Savings Plan, customers can purchase a set amount of Azure compute usage at a discounted rate, and then use that usage as needed, without the need to pay for additional resources. This can be particularly useful for customers who have predictable usage patterns or who want to lock in a discounted rate for a longer period.

This is advantageous for costumers as it allows you to:

  • Save compared to pay-as-you-go prices on select compute services;
  • Automatically optimize savings across select services globally up to the hourly commitment;
  • Save on their terms by customizing the plan's term length, scope, billing frequency, and hourly commitment to fit their needs. You can also choose to enable automatic renewal of a savings plan.


azure plan.png


At the time of launch, Azure savings plan will be available to CSP partners only through the Azure portal.

Azure Savings Plan is a great option for customers looking to save money on their Azure compute usage costs, whether they have predictable usage patterns or prefer more flexibility.

You can check additional information by consulting Microsoft’s Partner Center documentation.
Additionally, if you have any doubts between this plan and a reservation, please consider the following link which has information on how a savings plan or a reservation may better suit your business.