Are you Owning the Cloud Game?

How to boost your market and acquire New Business
Cloud native

The Cloud-based model is nowadays a centrepiece for several lines of business. Name a technological need, and you’ll find at the very least, a cloud-based subscription, a cloud-based Backup or a cloud-based dashboard. This model is present in virtually every solution architecture you deliver to your clients , and has been gaining even more traction over the past few quarters, as we’ve discussed in our latest article:Back to the Office: Challenges Strategies and Perspectives for the upcoming Quarter.

It is paramount for your organization to be aware of the line-up of solutions that you can deliver to the Market today, and the one we may not actively be addressing and should come as an opportunity to grow. Are you a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider)? If your answer is affirmative, then this article is especially suited for you. If your answer is negative, then you MUST check this article. Either way, you may start to win.

As you already know (Or maybe Not), Microsoft has been offering:

  • the Cloud Solutions Provider program for quite a while now;
  • aimed primarily at enabling their partners (or soon to be) to take full advantage of the Cloud-based solutions in offer;
  • ranging from Modern Workplace; Digital Transformation,
  • Modern Business Management;
  • CRM;
  • ER;
  • Security and Protection, or
  • Cloud provider as Azure.

By managing directly their Microsoft cloud offer; a CSP is able to provide better services to their customers., managing the end-to-end relationship with them, and having both billing and technical help; resources and Certification done either by Microsoft directly or a wide array of core Distributors or Indirect Resellers’ network.

By being part of the CSP program you own the end-to-end customer lifecycle with direct provisioning, billing and support of Microsoft cloud services. You can create the best offer for you customer, as well and set the right price and own billing terms.

img2 (3).png

Figure 1: The CSP model modality

To be a Direct CSP, larger organizations may be needed to meet the requirements and, for most partners this isn’t an easy task to accomplish nowadays, given both their business strategy, sizing, even their market positioning and ambitions. This model requires a strong infrastructure to enable end-to-end ownership of the customer relationship. That being the case the Indirect CSP may allow the partner to works with “resellers” who can provide the tools necessary to manage their customer relationship, leveraging the most troublesome aspect to de deal with by the Indirect Provider, who gains in exchange market density and capillarity.

But, how to manage the Cloud Business?

The main point of contend we assist every day is the multitude of different products platforms; that leave your Operation and clients vulnerable to poorly optimized dashboards, troubleshooting, automated task, and clear business metrics.

This maybe not a particular problem; if your team manages either a small pool of clients or a very limited solution line-up, but either way you’ll be restricting severely the potential of growth. We’ve review recently how much of a challenge Managing teams can be, and how it can undermine your ideal strategy, and can give you some quick tips on how to address it.

Despite being or not an actual CSP yourself, we do offer you’re a strategy to improve on your Cloud-based Business Unity, we fully embrace all offers!

CloudCockpit is a global business platform to centrally manage the CSP network of cloud products, allowing customer information and acquisition view, and control subscriptions.

By supporting a self-service model, your team can now have the time to simultaneously support the relationship with the partner’s team and also scale the sales channel faster, by deploying help to stagnant clients , soon-to-expire licencing or business growth forecast, amongst other

The flow is simple: the CSP sells directly or through the reseller. This reseller will sell to a company and that company has a universe of users.

There is also the possibility of complementing the solution or supporting the partners in optimizing their operations with associated services, such as integrating the information with existing billing systems.



Managing and monitoring your CSP business has never been so fast, easy, and efficient. Here we will show you the three principal benefits of CloudCockpit:

  • Time–to–Market: From the moment you are certified as Microsoft CSP, in half a day you have the platform ready to use and integrated with your core business. A self-service model that enables you to manage the entire service.
  • More Profitability: Eliminate or reduce the need to support resellers. There is a significant increase in the ability to grow your resellers network because there is less time consumed with each one.
  • No initial investment: It is a risk-sharing model since the cost of the platform is directly related to your business volume. A win-win model supporting the scalability needs.

Make your business easier and get all the opportunities the market gives you!!!

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