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Azure Consumption

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Azure Cost Management (ACM) is here to help you!
Analytics - Cost & Margin Visibility
Analytics - Cost & Margin Visibility

Here you can combine what you have in Partner Center and Azure Cost Management, you can see your margin rules and cost per subscription. Just one dashboard. 

Risk Mitigation - Consumption Alert
Risk Mitigation - Consumption Alert

By providing tools for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing costs, we prevent budget overruns and make informed decisions, thereby reducing financial risks.

Efficient Budget Management
Efficient Budget Management

Offer visibility into Azure costs for your customers and they will experience the value of a partner who helps them grow their business.

Monthly Usage Estimation
Monthly Usage Estimation

Azure Service Providers a comprehensive overview of current usage levels, along with predictive estimates for the remaining billing cycle of the Azure subscription.

Azure Report
Cost and Usage Overview
  • Continuous Monitoring: Track resource usage in real time to avoid overspending.
  • Detailed Reports: Receive customizable reports tailored to your business's specific needs.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Simplify complex data with simple and intuitive visualization.
  • ROI Analysis: See the return on investment and adjust your strategies to maximize value.
Grow your cloud efficiency
Advanced Azure Report Analysis

Working with CloudCockpit Azure Reports, you are getting precision in showcasing your Azure usage and costs. 

Transform how you manage your cloud resources with our advanced Azure analytics. Our platform offers a comprehensive view of your costs and usage, helping you make informed decisions to optimize performance and efficiency.

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Alerts for your Consumption and Budget
Stay Ahead: Transparency in Usage.

In CloudCockpit, risk mitigation is key. Set up alerts to ensure subscription costs are predictable and manageable.

  • Budget Alerts: Set a spending limit for your resources, alerting you as your usage approaches the budget.
  • Unexpected Consumption Alerts: Consumption alerts help monitor daily usage spikes, avoiding cost surprises.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identify resource usage due to fraud or misunderstandings, allowing for quick resolution.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Global Azure Alert Configuration

Global alerts for Azure consumption based on rolling averages. Set alerts for all budgeted Azure entitlements, by role, with email notifications for alert managers.

Azure Plan Visual: Margin & Cost

Make informed business decisions with detailed visual reports of the Azure Plan, showcasing overall costs, margins, subscriptions, clients, and advanced filtering options.

Azure Credit Limits Management

Ensure security in provisioning Azure subscriptions with credit limits. Set a budget for each Azure entitlement, forming the basis for alerts that notify partners about critical usage.

Unexpected Consumption Alerts

Receive alerts for unexpected consumption, containing details like daily consumption, average usage, and more.

Subscription ID

Easily access the subscription ID in your reports, allowing for internal matching and detailed subscription management.

Report of Current Subscription

Gain a comprehensive view of all your tenants' subscriptions with ease, including detailed filters for efficient management.

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